Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hanging out with Joe Mantegna, being Italian, & trying Chicago style Pizza

Working with Joe Mantegna was amazing. Being in the presence of an actor of his caliber is one thing, but when you get to do his make-up for a private shoot at his Chicago style restaurant...and, at the end of the shoot he orders you a pizza to try? That makes for an awesome day. Sometimes being Italian (okay I'm only about 1/8 Italian by now, but enough for people to notice), really makes life more fun. When I say I'm Italian to another Italian, I am always greeted with an instant smile. The shoot started off that way and things were peachy all the way through. Joe has become hugely popular because of the show Criminal Minds, but today we were shooting for an A and E documentary on the Chicago Cubs.  Joe Mantegna is a native Chicagoan and therefore a huge Cubs fan, so he is asked often to talk about them.

For Joe's make up, I used a custom blend of MAC Face and Body foundation, under eyes I used the creamy Pro Concealer from Tina G Cosmetics.  A light coat of MAC Micronized Air Brush Make-up (available at pro stores only) gave it the perfect amount of coverage and I set it all with the Kryolan Micro-silk HD powder, using a velour puff. Make up Forever Contour Kit and just a touch of Brazilian Bronzer from Tina G Cosmetics brought out Joe's handsome facial features. A little Brow Set from MAC to on brows, and on lips, the Vitamin E stick from Lorac applied lightly with a brush was perfect. Grooming was done with various tools from Namies Beauty Center.

Here is a look at the finished product! Me and Joe Mantegna...just a couple of Italians hangin' out on set. What a great day!



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