Friday, October 25, 2013

Question from one of my make-up clients...

 What products are there on the market to take away dark spots on the skin?

 One of our clients asked a question and I will now try my best to answer... Question: What products are there on the market to take away dark spots on the skin?

Answer: If you would have asked me this prior to 2006,  anyone in the cosmetics business (myself included) would have said to look for products containing hydroquinone. However, since 2006, there has been a ban on the ingredient in the US, unless dispensed by a pharmacist. So, to my knowledge, it is not so readily used in over-the-counter creams anymore. 


An internet search will reveal many "at-home" remedies using things such as: Lemons, Hydrogen Peroxide anywhere from 12%-30% (typical HP only has 2%), buttermilk, aloe gel, white tea extract, green tea get the picture. To try any of the above, instructions must be followed precisely, only the spots are treated--so as not to cause damage to other skin, and results vary from person to person. Many "treatments" are simply exfoliating the entire surface of the skin, therefore "brightening" everything--including the spots. Other treatments are meant to almost "burn" the spot directly to the point where it bleeds, scabs over, and is replaced by fresh skin.

 Of course, there are also medical options such as freezing the spots by liquid nitrogen, getting a strong chemical peels, and/or use of powerful laser treatments. All of those need a medical doctor to supervise (typically Dermatologists or Plastic Surgeons.) Above all, no matter what you choose, you MUST use a very high SPF cream in conjunction with treatments, to avoid over-exposing the skin to the Sun (the very thing that cause the problems in the first place) and to make sure the spots do not re-appear. It is important to understand dark spots are from Sun damage that is done in one's youth, but they tend to appear at age 40 and continue to pop up...more and more each year.  
I am not a doctor, so I cannot recommend any of the above treatments...I wish only to bring attention to the options out there. The bottom line? The most powerful, quick, and sure results would most certainly be achieved by a qualified expert Physician. And, whenever choosing a Physician, it is best to check their background and experience, ask to speak to former patients, and ask to see before and after photos of their work. If you decide to try any home remedies, please post here about it and tell us your results! Also, tell us about any great Physicians our fans should now about, so they know who to call. 

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