Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Abe Lincoln, Vampires and my favorite mineral foundation...

Just to prove that make-up, fashion, hair and things of that nature are not all I care about, I will go off topic to discuss a book I have read in the last few months (that I have LOVED) and see if I am clever enough to tie it into make-up, so my make-up readers will be satisfied...

Killing Lincoln, by Bill OReilly. No matter what you think of the author's views, the book was awesome. For those of us that either had a lack of detail in our history curriculum at school, or worse didn't pay attention to history until we were older (guilty as charged), this book is full of interesting little details that you may or may not have heard before. I will admit (though I probably shouldn't) that I did not know that Abe Lincoln didn't actually die inside the theater where he was shot. Also, I was surprised to learn that Abraham Lincoln had a premonition that he would be assassinated, had vivid dreams about this, and verbalized it to point where his wife became distraught over it too. I did not remember hearing in school that there were plans in place to also kill Secretary of State William H Seward and Vice President Andrew Johnson on that same night at the same time. (Was I sleeping during class? Surely they taught that part...How could I miss this?) Nor, did I know how long the pursuit of John Wilkes Booth was after the assassination. (I really can't believe he got away at all with that many people around and lasted hiding in the woods as long as he did!!) There were other things I found interesting too....like, the fact that the White House used to be a place where people could wait to see the President in person, right there in the White House--even sleeping in the halls just for a chance to talk with him. Could you imagine?

Suggested by a very wise friend (I saw him gobbling the book up with voracity and took his advice to read it), I read Killing Lincoln in two days and I would highly recommend it.

Of course, I also learned recently that Abe Lincoln was apparently a Vampire Hunter? So, I guess I have some more education to absorb this Summer when Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter comes out. (Oh brother...)

You might wonder what make up they used to turn Abe Lincoln into a Vampire Hunter? This is a nice follow up to my last post on theater make-up and make-up morgues. (See how it all comes full circle!) For more on the movie, here is the official Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1611224/
But, on the make-up question, if I were to do make-up for the movie, I would definitely use Kryolan Professional Make-up foundations and powders for skin coverage and shadowing effects with a little Temptu Air-brush make-up to set and finish it all. To see Kryolan products:  http://www.kryolan.com/index.php Of course, if you don't want to look like Abe Lincoln or a vampire of any kind (though that seems to be the "thing" right now), you can always go to my website to check out what the rest of us wear for every-day mineral foundations and awesome day wear colors: http://www.cmgcosmetics.bigcartel.com 

On a totally random note, my favorite mineral make-up is from my own line Tina G Cosmetics. True to my own line, I wear it every day. My favorite foundation is the Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation. My color is Cream. I don't think it would look good on Abe Lincoln or a vampire, but it might look good on you...!


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Newest follower!! Lovelovelove the post :) i am in awe with the fact that you have your own makeup line! Maybe one day I can do that as well x
- Val