Monday, January 1, 2007

Wearing many hats...

I am a Mom. I am a native Californian. I am a professional make-up artist and the owner of Tina G Cosmetics. I love sunny weather (I'm not able to cope with much else.) I love a good book. I love cooking, shopping, buying clothes and shoes (that are mostly all black.) I love road trips, good wine, interesting food, and any time I can spend with my Dad (absolute treasure of a human being.) I am a coffee snob. I have also done make up for film, TV, and print.

Years ago I was told if I wanted to "make it", I'd have to move to LA. But I love suburbia, my life on a culdesac, city sports, church, and family lazy days. I enjoy running into my four brothers and sisters, their spouses and kids all over this town. So I decided to stay out here and just drive into LA when I need to. I will talk here about some of the amazing experiences I was humbled to have.

This is my new blog. It's official. I'm here and hoping to stay and get to know you a little better. This will be a diary of sorts. My bloggary. So follow me, follow it, and let's see where it leads. Let's talk about all things make up, beauty, and life. Together!

Christina Gaudy (Tina G)