Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Abe Lincoln, Vampires and my favorite mineral foundation...

Just to prove that make-up, fashion, hair and things of that nature are not all I care about, I will go off topic to discuss a book I have read in the last few months (that I have LOVED) and see if I am clever enough to tie it into make-up, so my make-up readers will be satisfied...

Killing Lincoln, by Bill OReilly. No matter what you think of the author's views, the book was awesome. For those of us that either had a lack of detail in our history curriculum at school, or worse didn't pay attention to history until we were older (guilty as charged), this book is full of interesting little details that you may or may not have heard before. I will admit (though I probably shouldn't) that I did not know that Abe Lincoln didn't actually die inside the theater where he was shot. Also, I was surprised to learn that Abraham Lincoln had a premonition that he would be assassinated, had vivid dreams about this, and verbalized it to point where his wife became distraught over it too. I did not remember hearing in school that there were plans in place to also kill Secretary of State William H Seward and Vice President Andrew Johnson on that same night at the same time. (Was I sleeping during class? Surely they taught that part...How could I miss this?) Nor, did I know how long the pursuit of John Wilkes Booth was after the assassination. (I really can't believe he got away at all with that many people around and lasted hiding in the woods as long as he did!!) There were other things I found interesting too....like, the fact that the White House used to be a place where people could wait to see the President in person, right there in the White House--even sleeping in the halls just for a chance to talk with him. Could you imagine?

Suggested by a very wise friend (I saw him gobbling the book up with voracity and took his advice to read it), I read Killing Lincoln in two days and I would highly recommend it.

Of course, I also learned recently that Abe Lincoln was apparently a Vampire Hunter? So, I guess I have some more education to absorb this Summer when Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter comes out. (Oh brother...)

You might wonder what make up they used to turn Abe Lincoln into a Vampire Hunter? This is a nice follow up to my last post on theater make-up and make-up morgues. (See how it all comes full circle!) For more on the movie, here is the official Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1611224/
But, on the make-up question, if I were to do make-up for the movie, I would definitely use Kryolan Professional Make-up foundations and powders for skin coverage and shadowing effects with a little Temptu Air-brush make-up to set and finish it all. To see Kryolan products:  http://www.kryolan.com/index.php Of course, if you don't want to look like Abe Lincoln or a vampire of any kind (though that seems to be the "thing" right now), you can always go to my website to check out what the rest of us wear for every-day mineral foundations and awesome day wear colors: http://www.cmgcosmetics.bigcartel.com 

On a totally random note, my favorite mineral make-up is from my own line Tina G Cosmetics. True to my own line, I wear it every day. My favorite foundation is the Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation. My color is Cream. I don't think it would look good on Abe Lincoln or a vampire, but it might look good on you...!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Make-up morgue, books on my coffee table, and excuses to mention U2

For those of you that were wondering what I meant when I mentioned a "make-up morgue" in my previous post, a little explanation...

See below for the definitions of a morgue. 


1. a place in which bodies are kept, especially the bodies of victims of violence or accidents, pending identification or burial.
2. a reference file of old clippings, mats, books, etc., in a newspaper office.
3. the room containing such a reference file.
4. any place, as a room or file, where records, information, or objects are kept for unexpected but possible future use.
5. such records, information, or objects.

French; name of building in Paris housing unidentified dead bodies
For this post, we are referring to definition #4 --referencing "any place as a room or file (in this case a file), information, or objects that are kept for unexpected but possible future use." Interestingly enough, pictures that pertain to definition #1 can certainly be a part of a "make-up morgue" for a special effects artist that does make-up for movies or plays where they have to portray wounds, deadness, and other general gore...but I digress.

A make-up morgue, in short, is a place where you keep pictures of people, things, animals, and just about anything you think you might use in your career as a make-up artist when you need inspiration for a particular look or creation. Most often used for "theater make-up", "avaunt guard make-up", "fantasy make-up", a make-up morgue can help you plan your designs. 

The phrase "make-up morgue" comes from Richard Corson's book STAGE MAKE-UP, a staple for most artists who have been through formal make-up training and/or make-up school.

I keep my copy right on my coffee table, along with other books that I have grown to love over the years. You may notice, it is very close the book U2 by U2, by Bono, Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Junior themselves. This, being the ultimate book on my coffee table, the proximity of the book on make-up therefore denotes high value and great importance.

Stay tuned for most posts on all of these topics...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oompa Loompas?


1. A native of Loompaland, usually tending towards attributes of small size, an orange commplexion, and green hair; the first recorded information of them comes to us from Roahld Dahl, the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I love my job as a make-up artist.  I get to meet exciting new people and play with make-up. What's not to love? One day I might find myself working with younger people, the next day older people; one day I am on a photo shoot with professional agency models, the next day I am helping someone who is hoping to become a professional model. Being a make-up artist means it's never the same thing twice!

Me and the Oompa Loompa guys...  Photos by the fabulous Priscilla Iezzi, currently with Orange Coast Magazine.

To get the make up just right, I referred to my make-up morgue first. No Ooompas there. So, I studied images from the original Willy Wonka's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie with Gene Wilder, then compared them to the latest version of Willa Wonka's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp. Attempting to create the perfect shade of orange,  I worked to customize a blend of creme foundations from Ben Nye and the professional pan sticks from my own line Tina G Cosmetics. While researching for this photo shoot,  I found some fun stuff. Turns out there is actually a Willy Wonka fan club.Who knew?

Willy Wonka trivia: Did you know that the Oompa Loompas in the Johnny Depp version of Willy Wonka's Charlie and The Chocolate Factory were all played by the same actor? It's true! The actor playing all the oompas with Johnny Depp is Deep Roy (Gordeep). (He played all 165of them.)
Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka

Urban Dictionary Definition:
Video of Original Willy Wonka Oompa Loompas singing:
Willy Wonka Fan Club link (no I wasn't joking):

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Kurv Magazine shoot with Adrienne Maloof, Make up by me, styling by Annie Funn

When I got the call to do make up for Adrienne Maloof, I was thrilled. Hired by an International Magazine, Kurv Magazine out of Australia (link below), we were told that the photo shoot would be filmed for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 1, since Adrienne was currently filming with the show. They wanted to capture her more "sexy" side and the styling team was given the theme of "Old Hollywood Glamor" as inspiration for the shoot. Location for the shoot was the one story sky villa at the Palms hotel in Vegas. http://www.palms.com/accommodations/las-vegas-1-story-sky-villa/  It was amazing. I got to work completely with natural light--which is my favorite. On the show, you can see I worked with Adrienne in my leopard covered studio chair, right by the windows. The best part about the whole day was that I used my own make up line Tina G Cosmetics on set. I used Micronized Airbrush Make up from MAC (silicone based) for her foundation, and she is wearing various blush shades, eyeshadow and liners, and lipsticks and gloss from my line. I will update with more specific information soon.

People always ask me what it was like to be there, to meet Adrienne Maloof, to work behind the scenes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It was amazing, fun, exciting, and one of the greatest days of my make up career. Adrienne Maloof is one of the nicest, sweetest, down to earth celebrities I have ever met. She is gorgeous in person and truly a pleasure to work with. I heard in the end, she was the most popular "housewife" and I can see why! I'm so glad the whole thing was captured on camera. My kids get a kick out of watching "Mom on TV".

Kurv Magazine:
Adrienne Maloof's blog for Bravo TV:
Behind the scenes story by wet paint:
Full episode can be seen here: Photo shoot is toward the end of the show. I'm the blonde make up artist in all black!:
Final Pictures from the Magazine:

I was interviewed about the shoot and got the following tag line in the magazine:
Thrilled to work with celebrity fashion stylist Annie Funn:
Photographer Wolf 189
Photos from Kurv Magazine Australia

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sharing a page with Leonardo Di Caprio...

When I got the call from Inland Empire Magazine informing me I had been voted "Best Make up Artist of the Inland Empire," I was like "Woohoo!" And, "Oh no!!" (Instantly nervous about the next question...the one I knew was bound to come because I do this stuff for a living....) When could I be available for a photo shoot. ???? Um, how about six months? I could lose 30 pounds and work on my tan a bit by then. No. They needed it done kind of like, ASAP. Ugh. (Thank God for photoshop!) Photo shoots are something I am extremely familiar with, but I'm used to be on the other side of things, of course.  The shoot took place at True Emotions Photography Studio of Upland CA. Photographer Aubrey Noelle http://www.aubreynoelle.com/  tried to capture a picture of me that I wouldn't hate. Kim Saxelby (owner of True Emotions) http://www.trueemotions.com/  helped with lighting, coaching and general moral support. I was honored and humbled and super nervous. I tried my best to cooperate :)

Seeing yourself in a magazine is exciting and embarrassing all at once. You want to see it, but you don't want to see it. Then, you look at it with your eyes kind of squinty..afraid to open them all the way, just hoping you look okay! If you actually look good, then you hope other people will see it too! If not, you hope for very low sales and a quick exit of the grocery store shelves.  Over time, you check it periodically, you breathe out and figure in 15 years, you'll think it looks "not that bad after all..."

In the end, I was more than pleased with the pictures and was even more pleased that the magazine put me on the same page as Leonardo Di Caprio!!!!!! Not bad for a girl from a small town like Upland, CA.
Thank you Inland Empire Magazine http://www.inlandempiremagazine.com/, Aubrey Noelle, Kimberly Saxelby, and Leo Di Caprio (whom I have never met, but might someday...you never know...)

Here's a look at the final spread:

Don't forget to see the re-release of Titanic--Leonardo Di Caprio at his best in 3 D: http://www.titanicmovie.com/